About me

I do research on agroecology, and sustainable urban and rural farming systems, particularly in sustainable resource management. I currently work on enhancing the potential role of urban agriculture to support sustainable resource management and multifunctionality in urban environments as a postdoctoral researcher at the Ecological and Environmental Modeling research group of Linköping University with my postdoctoral mentor Geneviève Metson.

As a researcher, I include theories and methodologies in natural and social sciences that I apply in my current research. I focus on producing knowledge relevant to the transformation of both urban and rural farming systems. My research aims to support (urban) farmers through research, training interventions and co-design locally relevant production systems to build more sustainable management practices and develop more multifunctional urban and rural landscapes.

After my PhD studies, I had a short-term position as a Postdoc in the Farming Systems Ecology group at Wageningen University, performing a meta-analysis on diversified (intercropping) vegetable production systems.

I finished my doctoral studies at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in the Cropping Systems Ecology group. I focused on crop diversification practices and the implications for resource use and cropping systems sustainability. I had the opportunity to visit the INRA UNR agonomie in Thiverval-Grignon as a PhD student for one month in 2017. I have also been a member of the European association for Agroecology since 2018.

A short CV can be downloaded here